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), that cross-training is vital, as is yoga plus strength and flexibility exercises generally.

I’ve also been learning about the incredible benefits of plant-based whole foods for fuelling and rebuilding the body cell by cell (so many ultra-athletes can’t be wrong), as well as therapies such as Trigger Point and Active Release Technique (a foam roller is your friend). Everything in life boils down to – and let’s get dualistic for a moment – awareness versus ignorance.

But there lies a problem with the quote itself – it is once again doing comparing. For example, the person on the couch could be injured, or ill.

There are many kayakers who have been in that very position and it has perhaps been the primary reason for them abandoning another activity, such as hillwalking, and taking up paddling instead. Injuries can teach you a lot (perhaps that’s why many kayakers are so wise).

Annually, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West sponsor a Citizen of the Year award, which is awarded to an individual or group who have contributed to the community by way of exemplary service, often otherwise unacknowledged or rewarded.

The recipients of the 2012 award were the INVERCLYDE TOURIST GROUP for their work in promoting the community of Inverclyde to visitors to the area.

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), that state-of-the-art shoes might be harmful (heel-strikers beware! Obviously, it’s intended to serve as a spark of consolation when you find yourself trailing at the back of the kayak bunch, or when flubbing rolls, or simply whenever you’ve been comparing your efforts with those of some superhuman who probably only exists in your head.Even although you are a little slow/stiff/out-of-condition, you’re at least not as bad as that pizza-guzzling slob on the couch, also in your head. I’m kind of done with dualistic or competitive thinking such as: me versus (insert name of sporting hero here), me versus my 22 year-old self, me versus the imaginary couch-dweller, me versus you. Often only half the facts are available and many assumptions are made.For the last 285 years, Freemasonry has been an integral part of the social history of Inverclyde contributing to development of the area with many of its members fulfilling senior position in Local government, Industry and Commerce.

The individual Lodges have given generously to charities, both Masonic and non-Masonic alike, local and national and at times international.All it takes is a wrenched shoulder to prompt an investigation of more traditional methods of rolling and forward progress.